Charitable Trust

Monkstown Hospital Foundation is a charitable trust which is registered as a charity with the Charities Regulatory Authority (No. 20001919) and the Revenue Commisissoners (CHY 1258). The trustee of the Foundation is Monkstown Hospital a company incorporated by guarantee (registered number 27064) with a licence to dispense with the description ‘company limited by guarantee’ or ‘clg’. The foundation’s activities are regulated by certain legal documents.


The work of the Foundation is undertaken by a voluntary board of directors supported by a part-time secretary. The directors of the Trustee of Monkstown Hospital Foundation are empowered to exercise their discretion in the implementation of their powers.The board and the Foundation are committed to the good Governance and to following the guidelines issued by the Charities Regulatory Authority.


The statements contained on this website are a summary of some of the provisions applicable to the foundation and its trustee and do not purport to be a full legal interpretation.


The assets of the trust originated from Monkstown Hospital in Co. Dublin, which served the community from its beginnings in 1835 until its closure in 1987. More information about the origins of the foundation can be found here.


Grants are made out of the income which arises from its professionally-managed trust fund.

What We Do

The main activity of the foundation is to provide assistance through its charitable funds for:


  • Registered health charities within Ireland who are in need of grants for specific capital medical projects.


  • This includes hospitals, hospices, nursing homes, sheltered accommodation and other specialist charities supporting those with medical need.


  • Clinical Research and Support of Medical Training through a bursary scheme

Grant Application Guidelines


On this website you will be able to see how we have helped other charities and how you can apply for a grant for your charity. Please download our updated application guidelines.